2 In 1 Clip-On 12 X Macro + 24 X Super Macro Lens kit

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What is the macro lens? You can take your phone in a second.  If you want to see your larger object in the frame than your current lens collection, you want a macro lens. A macro lens is very interesting to use the results of macro photography can also be very funny. And the unusually close look of these typically small subjects is beautiful and intriguing. You can take a picture of a small object clearly in the details, such as closing flowers, leaves, and insects, as well as interior photos of stamps, jewelry, fabrics, fingerprints, and photographs. The clip is universal, you can apply for Samsung iPhone and most smartphones. Get yours today while they're still in stock because at this price how long could they possibly last?

100% Brand new and High quality.

It will not damage or scratch your phone.

Easy to install and remove, there is a soft rubber between the face of the clip.


Shape: Oval
Compatible Brand: Samsung,HTC, & Apple iPhones
Phone Camera Type: Zoom Lens
Product: 12x/24x macro lens
Color: as the picture shows
Material: Aluminum + highest quality optical glass